We have compiled here some interesting tidbits submitted by fans and others (mostly Harriet, the audience liaison for JAG) relating to the writing, production, and effect of the show.

To receive a cast photo:
Harriet JAG Sunset Gower Studios
1438 N. Gower Street
Box 25 Hollywood, CA 90028

Is the sheet music for the JAG Theme available?
The "JAG" theme is available as follows:
Simplified sheet music: Music Dispatch, 1-800-637-2852
Sheet music for full band: J.W. Pepper, 1-800-345-6296 catalog #23-33-37-5

Jag Producers
Season 7 Staff Executive Producer:
Donald P. Bellisario
Co-Executive Producers:
Chas. Floyd Johnson Steven Zito Mark Horowitz
Supervising Producers:
Dana Coen David Ehrman
Coordinating Producer:
Julie Watson Producers: David Bellisario Avery Drewe
Nan Hagan
Co-Producer/Production Manager:
Mark Schilz
Associate Producer:
Megan Mascena
Staff Writer:
Don McGill
The Seventh Season writers (who, of course, report to and are headed by "JAG" creator Don Bellisario):
Stephen Zito Dana Coen David Ehrman Nan Hagan Don McGill


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